Complementing our expertise in regulatory compliance, Donald Gross Law offers guidance on a variety of commercial transactions, cross-border investments and business disputes. We represent clients at many points in the supply and distribution chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, distributors, agents, financial institutions, and end-users.

We structure, draft and negotiate commercial agreements while also engaging in dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation in many areas:

  • Export and import agreements
  • Outsourcing, licensing, supply and distribution agreements
  • Cross-border investment
  • Marketing agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Joint development agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • R&D collaborations
  • Commercial leases of retail, office and industrial properties
  • Purchase and sale of commercial properties
  • Land use, environmental and zoning issues

Economic Development Projects

On behalf of clients involved in economic development projects within the United States, we:

  • Secure incentive packages from local and state governments
  • Structure public-private partnerships
  • Identify a site location that is most profitable to the client
  • Negotiate contracts with utility companies for the provision of water, sewer services, electricity, gas, and telecommunications
  • Advise on environmental compliance and permitting
  • Draft and negotiate supply contracts

  • International Operations & Commercial Representation

    For companies seeking to grow their business in the United States, we provide an integrated package of legal and advisory services, including:

  • Overall Project Management -¬†coordinating and exercising cost-control overall legal, business advisory, government relations, public affairs and localization services while providing commercial representation as necessary
  • Strategic Advisory - developing and implementing strategies for market entry, expansion and growth
  • Government Relations - securing government support at the federal, state and local levels in the U.S. and internationally
  • Regulatory Compliance - obtaining international trade and national security approvals in the U.S. and overseas
  • Investment Incentives/Localization - negotiating optimal incentive packages from government agencies while implementing localization plans
  • Strategic partnerships - facilitating partnerships with trusted U.S. enterprises, universities, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders
  • Corporate social responsibility - building strong corporate responsibility programs with public sector, non-profit and philanthropic organizations
  • If commercial conflicts do arise, we can also represent your company in dispute resolution and mediation.

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