Economic Development Projects

On behalf of clients involved in economic development projects within the United States, we:

  • Secure incentive packages from local and state governments
  • Structure public-private partnerships
  • Identify a site location that is most profitable for the client
  • Negotiate contracts with utility companies for the provision of water, sewer services, electricity, gas, and telecommunications
  • Advise on environmental compliance and permitting
  • Draft and negotiate supply contracts
  • Transportation


We provide commercial and regulatory services to clients involving the transportation of goods by rail, truck, vessel, aircraft, and pipeline. We also counsel clients on homeland security matters and the transportation of hazardous materials.

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who import or export products must deal with a variety of transportation-related regulatory issues. For that reason, we represent clients in a broad range of regulatory matters before a number of key federal government agencies including the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Maritime Commission, and the Federal Railroad Administration.

We advise clients about regulations that directly govern intermodal transport and we help design efficient and comprehensive compliance strategies. We also help clients negotiate high-quality transportation agreements for the movement of cargo as well as agreements with ports, terminals, depots, and container yards.

We concentrate especially on intermodal transport and logistics. This reflects the fact that cargo travels through large-scale multi-carrier transportation networks involving various modes of transport governed by different regulatory regimes. Compliance with these regimes must be well coordinated for goods to be moved efficiently and on time from one distant point to another.

Public Private Partnerships

Our foremost objective is to help both private and public sector clients create cooperative public-private partnerships. We do this by advising clients on the implementation of successful partnerships - from strategy development and financing to procurement and risk management to negotiations and transactions.

We help public organizations and private companies create long-term solutions to economic development and infrastructure issues by 1) leveraging private sector investment and expertise to deliver public assets that solve operational challenges and result in more effective services, and 2) structuring public-private partnerships to attract private capital for public uses.

We provide assistance on projects in a range of sectors including transportation, education, and R&D. We're well-equipped to address a full spectrum of legal issues throughout the cycle of a P3 project.

International Operations & Commercial Representation

For companies seeking to invest in the United States and grow their business, we provide an integrated package of legal and advisory services, including:

  • Overall Project Management - coordinating and exercising cost-control overall legal, business advisory, government relations, public affairs and localization services while providing commercial representation as necessary
  • Strategic Advisory - developing and implementing strategies for market entry, expansion and growth
  • Government Relations - securing government support at the federal, state and local levels in the U.S. and internationally
  • Regulatory Compliance - obtaining international trade and national security approvals in the U.S. and overseas
  • Investment Incentives/Localization - negotiating optimal incentive packages from government agencies while implementing localization plans
  • Public private partnerships - facilitating partnerships with trusted U.S. enterprises, government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders
  • Corporate social responsibility - building strong corporate responsibility programs with public sector, non-profit and philanthropic organizations
  • If commercial conflicts do arise, we can also represent your company in dispute resolution and mediation.

    Obtaining CFIUS Clearance

    Over the last year, the U.S. Government has tightened its restrictions on foreign companies seeking to invest in or acquire U.S. companies in sensitive business sectors, including emerging technologies, communications, energy, software and logistics.

    With the increasing scrutiny of business transactions to identify suspicious activities, it is wise to seek clearance from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) before being contacted by the government. This approach often puts a company in a more advantageous position to reach agreements with the government that mitigate potential national security risks and allow a transaction to move forward.

    We advise companies on overcoming the regulatory obstacles to their U.S. investments through direct engagement with CFIUS and through implementing win-win strategies that entail:

    • Providing political risk assessments, regulatory counseling and strategic national security advice
    • Gaining congressional and state-level political support for client investments
    • Identifying and overcoming potential CFIUS roadblocks in the deal planning stage
    • Preparing all necessary filings and carrying out all related advocacy with CFIUS and its member agencies
    • Negotiating with CFIUS national security agreements, frameworks for mitigation, industrial security arrangements, co-investor participation and related agreements profit and philanthropic organizations

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