Immigration and Visas

We help family members, employees, investors, entrepreneurs and students deal with a full range of immigration issues, including obtaining US permanent residence, temporary work visas, business visas, investor visas, employment-based immigration, student visas and citizenship.

Family-Based Immigration

We have experience and expertise in all facets of family-based immigration, including:

  • Green Cards for Spouses of US Citizens
  • Green Cards for Spouses of US Permanent Residents
  • Green Cards for Immediate Relatives of US Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Obtaining permanent residence for other close family members (parents, children and siblings)
  • Marriage-based adjustment of status
  • Obtaining permanent resident status for a fiancée or spouse abroad
  • Adopting a child from another country
  • Removing the conditions on residency
  • K-1 fiancée visa
  • K-3 Visas (for couples who got married abroad)
  • Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Consular Processing
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • US Citizenship and Naturalization
We will assist you with preparing all required documents and application forms as well as expertly guiding you through the immigration and visa process. If you have any questions about how we may assist you and your family in getting a family-sponsored visa, please contact us for a free consultation.

Working in the US

If you want to work in the United States, your best options are getting an employment-based green card, an investor green card, or a temporary work visa. A green card allows you to become a permanent resident based on your employment status or making an investment that creates US jobs. You may also obtain a temporary work visa that allows you to work in the US for a certain amount of time.

We counsel individuals and international companies with regard to all aspects of business-related immigration laws. We advise our clients about the best short-term and long-term strategies to obtain a business visa in the US for their specific needs.

Green Cards / Permanent Resident Visas

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in obtaining employment-based and investor-based green cards with permanent resident status for our clients. This status is available to clients who are:

  • Individuals with job offers, who have tested the labor market, and are skilled or unskilled, or have a college or advanced degree
  • Managers and executives of multi-national businesses
  • Foreign nationals whose work is in the national interest
  • Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in business, arts or sciences
  • Outstanding professors or researchers
  • Religious workers and ministers whose services are required by their non-profit religious organization
  • Entrepreneurs who fall into several categories:
    • EB-1A - extraordinary ability green card
    • EB-1C - multinational executive green card
    • National Interest Waiver, more commonly referred to as NIW
    • EB-5 - investor green card for investors with substantial funds ($900,000 for investment in an economically struggling area or $1,800,000 in a non-targeted area of the US)

We will assist you with preparing all required documents and application forms. If you have any questions about how we may assist you in getting an employment-based or investor-based permanent visa, please contact us for a free consultation.

Temporary Work Visas

Applicants who don’t qualify a permanent residence visa may apply for temporary immigration status based on their employment. Temporary work visas are also available to business investors. Temporary work visas are considered non-immigrant visas and do not automatically lead to a green card.

A temporary US work visa normally requires a job offer by a US employer who has to file a petition for approval by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some temporary work visas may also require a Labor Certificate from the US Department of Labor.

We assist business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors with temporary work visas if they are not eligible for a green card that provides permanent residency.

Temporary employment-based visas include:

  • H1B: Temporary Visas for Specialty Occupations including business owners
  • H2: Short-term visas for agricultural and non-agricultural workers
  • E-1: Treaty traders visas
  • E-2: Investor visas
  • I Visa: Journalists and other representatives of foreign media
  • O Visas: Visas for persons of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business, or athletics
  • P Visas: Performers and athletes
  • Q: International cultural exchange program visas
  • R: Religious worker visas
  • TN Visa: Visas for employees from Mexico and Canada employed in NAFTA professions
  • L Visa: Intracompany transferee visa for executives or manager, including business owners

Business Visas

We counsel individuals and international companies on all aspects of business-related immigration laws, including the best strategies to obtain a business visa in the United States for their specific needs. There are multiple options available to investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners.
We provide counsel on a wide range of business immigration visas, including:

  • B-1 visa for business visitors, domestic employees, academics, researchers and students
  • E-1/E-2 visa for treaty trader/investor
  • E-3 visa for Australian specialty workers
  • H-1 employment-based visas
  • H-3 trainee visa
  • I visa for journalists & members of the media
  • J-1 visa for exchange visitor, academics, au-pairs, interns
  • L-1 visa for Intra-company transferees
  • O-1/2 or P-1/3 visa for persons with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics
  • R-1 visa for religious workers
  • TN (Treaty National) visas under North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • We also advise clients on preparation and processing of permanent resident visas for executives and other professional employees, including Priority Worker Petitions for multinational executives and managers.

    A Note on the EB-5 Investor Visa

    In 1990, Congress established the EB-5 visa program to assist immigrants who seek to enter the US to engage in a "commercial enterprise" that benefits the US economy and plans to create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs. The immigrant is eligible for a green card if he or she invests $1.8 million in an appropriate business venture or invests $900,000 in a venture in an economically struggling area.

    The investor must meet both project-specific and investor-specific requirements.

    Project-related requirements include investing in an enterprise at a designated regional center. The investor needs to describe the scope of activities at the regional center and show investment in a "new" commercial enterprise.

    Investor-specific requirements include proving a lawful source of investment funds, showing the investments funds are “personal capital”, and demonstrating involvement by the Investor in the management of the new commercial enterprise.

    In all EB-5 cases, qualified investors receive a conditional green card which is valid for two years. At the end of that time, the investor must show that his or her money was “at-risk” during the past two years and that the required number of jobs were created. If all requirements have been met, USCIS will issue a full ten-year green card to the investor.

    Student Visas

    We offer expert counsel to foreign students interested in pursuing an education in the United States. We can assist with a number of student immigration situations:

  • F-1 student visas: Available to people coming to the United States to study at accredited universities who wish to pursue their studies full time; also available for people who want to enter language training programs.
  • J-1 student visas: Generally used by students in an educational exchange program and can include a student, professor or research scholar, an academic specialist, a foreign physician, a teacher, a counselor, or even a summer intern who is coming to the US for summer school in a travel or work abroad program. It also includes au pairs.
  • M-1 student visas: Allows international students to attend accredited vocational or non-academic schools in the US like vocational schools or other non-academic learning institutions.
  • OPT (Optional Practical Training): Temporary employment that authorizes F-1 visa holders to stay in the US for an additional year after graduating.
  • Visa extensions: Expiring student visas may be extended depending on the status of the student.
  • We will assist you with preparing all required documents and application forms. If you have any questions about how we may assist you in getting a student visa, please contact us for a free consultation.

    F-1 Student Visa Requirements

    An F-1 visa allows students to attend an accredited college, university, seminary, conservatory, high school, elementary school or other academic institution. The requirements include:

  • Acceptance by a US school that is approved by the Student & Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Proof of enough financial support to complete studies
  • Prior payment of application fees
  • Adequate knowledge of English
  • If a student meets all of the requirements, he or she may apply for an F-1 student visa and then schedule and prepare for an interview with USCIS to receive final approval.