Becoming a US Citizen and Obtaining US Asylum

US Citizenship

We help clients who are US permanent residents to qualify for citizenship through the US naturalization process.  Becoming a US citizen offers many benefits to those who have held Green Cards for at least 5 years (or 3 years, if the client is married to a US citizen) 

Citizens have a greater capability than permanent residents to help their relatives immigrate to the United States.  Citizens are better able to qualify for social security and other government benefits than permanent residents. Sensitive government jobs and certain scholarships are only available to citizens.  Citizens can run for public office and vote in state, federal and local elections.

It is always advantageous to retain an immigration lawyer to handle an application for citizenship.  We will flag possible defects the government could have with your application and advise you on how best to eliminate those defects.  We also make sure to address any issues that arise after you submit your citizenship application to minimize the risk of delaying or derailing the review process.  Overall, we’ll give you peace of mind from knowing you’ve done everything you can to prevent your application from being denied.

The services we provide include:

  • Advising you about what to expect during the US citizenship process
  • Drafting and submitting all relevant documents on your behalf after fully addressing any possible problems with your application
  • Helping prepare you for the citizenship interview and test
  • Taking all necessary steps to have your US naturalization application processed securely and quickly
  • Responding to any issues raised by the government during the US citizenship process
  • Obtaining expedited naturalization for a client who is eligible for faster processing
  • Assisting religious missionaries or members of the US Armed Forces so they can benefit from special application rules

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your US citizenship application. We’re based in Washington, DC but serve clients throughout the country and internationally.

US Asylum

Many people come to the United States seeking protection because they’ve suffered persecution or fear they will be harmed if they return to their home country. The US Government grants asylum to those fleeing their country because they fear they will be harmed based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. We know the decision to seek asylum is often difficult because you need to leave your home country where many friends and loved ones live and seek refuge in a new country.

The best asylum cases are those where you clearly explain your story of persecution. We will work closely with you on your story to draft a persuasive statement and gather as much evidence as possible to strongly argue your case. Even if you are in the US illegally, you may still apply for asylum as long as you do so within one year of your arrival and you are not currently in deportation proceedings.

Once you are granted asylum, you will be eligible to work immediately. You can also apply for employment authorization after 150 days have passed since you filed your application for asylum and no decision has been made yet.

We want to help you do more than just obtain asylum; we want to see you eventually receive permanent resident status in the US so you can rest safely and comfortably for the future. One year after you are granted asylum, you can apply for lawful permanent residence.

Contact us if you fear returning to your country of nationality or last residence due to persecution or the threat of persecution. We’re based in Washington, DC but serve asylum-seekers throughout the United States.

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